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Everything from WordPress Templates for dive centers to Booking Forms for diving activities and more

These visual examples are a compilation of the key features and functions provided by code-fish

Interactive dive Site map linked to the sections with the description of the dive sites

Interactive dive Site map where the description of dive sites appears when hovering over it or by clicking on mobile

Information about dive sites with visual elements for the site characteristics.

Connect your Instagram account to show your last posts in your website.

Collect all the information about your customers in a multi page booking or contact form.

Get all the information about your website in a simple report

Display the prices for different activities showing what is included.

Explain you divers how your trips work with a timeline and visual elements.

Get your newest Tripadvisor reviews directly into your website.

Get your newest reviews directly into your website.

Convert your link in bio into a clickable list of links to your content

Template of a Tec Dive Center using a dark theme.

Team information with pictures, names, positions and short descriptions.

Design using overlaying and free-hand positioning.

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